Grade 10 iBook History Project - working document

Team: Mads, Jeri, Muhammad, Stephen

This is an 8 week unit where the culminating formal assessment will be in the form of an iBook (MYP Humanities Criterion D - communicating) for viewing on an iPad.

The original plan was that each student will create their own original iBook which will be published in iTunes U - however we are now exploring creating ONE book per class with each student adding their own chapter. The advantages are seen to be:
  • common theme - we can supply templates and so students are not caught up in the design as they just add in their content
  • wider audience as only one book is downloaded so individual student work is shared more widely
  • a collaborative experience

This is a pilot project to investigate the use of iPads in the High School.

We are using this googledoc here as our working document for this trial.