What this Wiki is all about:

This wiki was set up to record and collate information on how iPads may be used as a powerful learning tool in a High School setting. This was initiated by a team at the Western Academy of Beijing (Madeleine Brookes - HS Integrator, Jeri Hurd - HS Teacher Librarian, Muhammad Azeem - WS Technology/HS Integrator).

There is an immense interest from other educators internationally; therefore, the purpose of this wiki is now to document and allow collaboration from other sources. If you would like to have edit rights to add and contribute to this wiki, please request to join and send your credentials.

iPad Trials in the High School at WAB

We are beginning to organize a number of short trials in our High School here at the Western Academy of Beijing looking at how iPads could/should/may be used as a powerful learning tool. We are a 1:1 (MBP) school so we have many questions that we are looking to explore - some of which are:

  • Do we become a 2:1 high school?
  • What value does an iPad add in addition to a MBP in our high school curriculum (IB MYP and IB DP)
  • Will the iPad replace the MBP?
  • Should we have a bank of bookable loaner iPads or is the value-add in the ownership and personalization of the iPad?

The questions are endless!

Who else is doing trials? Or has the answer(s)? Or who would like answers and would like to collaborate? What data are you gathering? How are you gathering this data? For example, if we do not use a control group for some of our trials, how should we proceed with our research to find out if the iPad does add value or is it just the once-only novelty of using a new technology. In short, we are looking for help and advice.